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semi dry suit
semi dry suit
semi dry suit
semi dry suit
semi dry suit

Product name : semi dry suit

Model Number : LF12BLT001

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The defining features of  this semi-dry suits is suit is a neoprene "Adjustable Punch-Through" (APT) collar and wrist. The APT neck/wrist on the this Paddling suit doesn't seal as well as a drysuit with a latex gasket, but the APT neck is a lot more comfortable than a latex gasket. As long as you aren't practicing multiple rolls in a kayak or going for a long swim off shore, the APT neck on this suit may be good enough for your paddling needs (rec kayaking, river canoeing, frostbite sailing, etc.).

Features as below:

-TEX  3-layers Waterproof/breatha
ble fabric .
Front diagonal zipper enter full dry suit.
Neoprene neck and wrist,waterproof and breathable Cordura fabric socks
Fully articulated sleeve design with no underarm seams, for relaxed fit and unrestricted upper body movement.
Seamless crotch and articulated knees for freedom of movement for the lower body.
Cordura@ sitting for durability.
High quality shoulder entry "TiZip" System (FROM GERMANY).
High visibility 3M Scotchlite reflective trim.
Waterproof pocket on thigh with YKK zipper.

Whitewater,Touring,Sea Kayaking,Flatwater,Professional use - rescue,Rafting
Jet Skiing, Kayaking ,Kite Surfing,Sports Boat Sailing
Wake Boarding,Watersking,Windsurfing

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